Air Monitoring Services


Breathing air containing asbestos fibres may lead to asbestos related diseases currently killing up to 3,000 people per year in the UK.

Air monitoring is a vital part of any asbestos remediation project. It is a legal requirement as part of licensed asbestos removal in the form of a Certification for Reoccupation (Regulation 17 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012) and is considered industry best practise throughout any remediation works and ensures the Health & Safety of others during these works.

Background air testing
Used to determine asbestos fibre concentrations in the atmosphere prior to any activity which may lead to airborne asbestos contamination

Personal sampling
Conducted to check the effectiveness of control measures, confirm RPE is providing the appropriate level of protection, for medical surveillance records and to support risk assessments

Leakage testing
Used during fully controlled asbestos removal to ensure the integrity of the enclosure is satisfactory and that airborne respirable fibres are not being released

Clearance air testing
Clearance testing is conducted as part of the 4-stage clearance procedures to determine fibre levels inside an enclosure prior to dismantling

Reassurance air testing
Conducted following the satisfactory removal of an enclosure or for works not requiring an enclosure for reassurance